Costa Rica is DIPO territory. We provide nationwide coverage from our distribution center in Belén and our seven branches:

  • Nicoya
  • Libera
  • Río Claro
  • Pérez Zeledón
  • Guápiles
  • Puntarenas
  • San Carlos

Our fleet of more than 75 trucks crisscrosses the country daily. We are the distributor in Costa Rica with the greatest coverage in the traditional distribution channel. We sell to all retailers, wholesalers and independent supermarkets. We also provide service to all of the large supermarkets and convenience stores in the country.



Our marketing department develops growth strategies for our brands. We have brand managers whose mission is to increase the market share of our business partners.

In sales we have an expert structure for our traditional distribution channel, and an additional one specialized in our supermarket distribution channel. Our marketing and sales departments work together to achieve optimum business strategies.  



We have more than 150 demonstration representatives located in the main sales points throughout the country. They make sure that all of the products we distribute are correctly positioned and have proper visibility.

In addition to managing product promotion, our demonstration representatives supervise the distribution of point of purchase (POP) materials and display handling, as well as overseeing promotions and special events.




DIPO ISO 9001 Certified

DIPO was the first distributor in the country to receive ISO 9001 certification.

We meet all the requirements defined by this quality management system. This helps us to constantly improve our operations for the benefit of the entire DIPO ecosystem.





At DIPO we recognize that innovation and technology are key elements of expansion. We are constantly reinventing processes and developing tools in order to connect worlds in the best way possible.


Preparation by Client

This allows us to offer a more agile and efficient delivery service.

Territory Planning

We take advantage of the geographical location of our clients to spatially simulate each route, allowing us to maximize service time and minimize the cost of each delivery.

Dynamic Routes

We optimize our routes by combining key factors such as delivery time, shipping capacity, customer service time and delivery costs.

Warehouse Management System

We use a real-time storage system that optimizes product management in our warehouses. 

ERP SAP System

Our information system centralizes company information precisely and reliably.

Sales Force Automation

Our sales force and distribution management system is SFA Mobility Apps. This allows us to manage selling activities in a controlled, reliable and efficient manner.