DIPO’S Story

In 1901, Pedro Oller Brugueras emigrated from Barcelona to Costa Rica to launch a series of business ventures. These later gave rise to DIPO, which started out in the 1960s as a wholesale warehouse.

The business had tremendous success and was a sales pioneer among the country’s first supermarkets. By 1990, DIPO had expanded into the distribution business, quickly establishing nationwide coverage. In 2012 the company consolidated its operations in its new distribution center in Belén, San José. It also has seven distribution branches throughout the country.


DIPO’S Family

Our team at DIPO is composed of more than 600 people. Our goal is to connect worlds, generating prosperity and happiness

  • The world of big brands with that of the entire national territory.
  • Our suppliers’ world with that of their clients.
  • Our colleagues’ world with that of their families. 


Our values are responsible for moving and guiding DIPO, as well as each and every person who makes it grow.